Kahrs Flooring

Kahrs Supreme

This line of White Oak flooring contains white washed and hand scraped characteristics, giving it a beautifully natural and rustic look.


 Grande Collection - Espace Oak

 Grande Collection - Maison Oak

 Grande Collection - Manor Oak

Kahrs Original

This line from Kahrs utilizes a Matte finished surface. The boards are stained, brushed and contain a microbevel. The Rustic graining has filled knots and cracks of various size, maintaining its natural look.


 Bayside Collection - Oak Amatique

 Bayside Collection - Oak Chesapeake

 Bayside Collection - Oak Hilo

Also from the Originals line from Kahrs, is the World Collection. Brazilian Cherry and Jarrah wood highlight this group, adding color and variation to your floor.

World Collection - Brazilian Cherry La Paz FSC

Brazilian Cherry Brasilia FSC

World Collection - Jarrah Sydney

The Scandinavian Naturals collection is great for brightening up any room with its light colors in Ash and Beech woods.

Scandinavian Naturals - Ash Kalmar

Scandinavian Naturals - Ash Gotland

Scandinavian Naturals - Beech Viborg

Kahrs Spirit

This line is called Rugged for a reason, it holds very rustic boards with knots and cracks. Each board is deeply brushed and handscraped, giving the floor the weathered look that, until now, only time could provide.


 Rugged Collection - Husk

 Rugged Collection - Trench

 Rugged Collection - Groove