The Hardwood Flooring Trends For 2017

Going into 2017, hardwood flooring with dark and richer stains and authentic wider planks will continue to see an uptick of consumers in desire of the natural wood flooring style for their homes. Each consumer has their own unique style, colouring, and budget when on the hunt for hardwood flooring but it seems that the vintage look of wider planks, darker stain colours and the natural grains and grooves apparent in real hardwood are going to be a must in the hardwood flooring trends for 2017.
Go Wide
Wider hardwood flooring continues to be one of the most popular trends among hardwood flooring consumers. It creates the illusion that your space is larger and more expansive than with thinner hardwoods. The wider hardwood boards are usually longer as well, creating a more even flow with fewer breaks, throughout any room in a home. The installation style varies by homeowner, but these planks can be installed horizontally, diagonally and vertically depending on the finished vision of the homeowner. The thinner boards are still in demand by consumers, but there seems to be a trending rise in demand for the wider boards.
Dark And Grey Hardwood Is Trending
The trend towards cooler darker colours and the calm grey tones is out striding the redder warmer tones of the hardwood flooring trends in 2017. The warmer tones of old school hardwoods tend to put consumers off, due to their more seemingly simple hues. The darker hardwoods seem to make a bolder statement to homeowners creating an appearance of any room in their homes seemingly larger and grander. The darker colours create a more sophisticated design element in any home today.